All The People I've Ever Known (2014-19)

All The People I've Ever Known

Gathering Unknown                           

Fly Home                         

Still Uncvertain                          

Alpha and Beta                         

Songs from the Edge of the Fading Ocean
(2012) was my OK Computer - monumental in every sense.  I needed to break away from that, the result was Futures (2013), very much my Kid A - literally the antithesis to the previous album.

The approach for Futures worked so well - the bringing together of fragments into a greater whole (used again much more recently on Timely Interventions (2019)) that I adopted it again for All The People I've Ever Known, which was based on a very memorable dream.

It became my Amnesiac - just not as good as what preceded it.

Somehow it didn't quite get finished and I had plenty of other stuff on the go.  A CD found its way into my car and I have listened to it many times since, and also grown to like it a lot - except for one thing: it was way too long.

The song Aeons joined the similarly time themed tracks on Time Machines (2016), and an instrumental, Yeah, featuring a creaky gate and the tidal organ at Blackpool was dropped.

After five years I have tidied it up a bit, but what remains is basically the whole album minus the two above-mentioned tracks.

nstruments featured include Casio 202, Korg MS20, Casio HT6000, Studiologic Sledge