All The People I've Ever Known (2014-19)

All The People I've Ever Known

Gathering Unknown                           

Fly Home                         

Still Uncertain                          

Alpha and Beta                         
please excuse the Radiohead comparisons but they seem appropriate...

Songs from the Edge of the Fading Ocean
(2012) was my OK Computer - monumental in every sense.  I needed to break away from that, the result was Futures (2013), very much my Kid A - literally the antithesis to the previous album.

The approach for Futures worked so well - the bringing together of fragments into a greater whole (used again much more recently on Timely Interventions (2019)) that I adopted it again for All The People I've Ever Known, which was based on a very memorable dream.

It became my Amnesiac - just not as good as what preceded it.

Somehow it didn't quite get finished and I had plenty of other stuff on the go.  A CD found its way into my car and I have listened to it many times since, and also grown to like it a lot - except for one thing: it was way too long.

The song Aeons joined the similarly time themed tracks on Time Machines (2016), and an instrumental, Yeah, featuring a creaky gate and the tidal organ at Blackpool was dropped.

After five years I have tidied it up a bit, but what remains is basically the whole album minus the two above-mentioned tracks.

Instruments featured include Casio 202, Korg MS20, Casio HT6000, Studiologic Sledge.