Return to Earth (2018-19)

Wilderness Without Pain (3:05)
After Ben Wyvis (3:14)
A Golden Age (4:04)
Silent Music (3:48)
Days Without Mystery (3:51)
Buachaille Etive Beag (4:30)
Telegraph Poles (3:29)
Ice Fields (5:11)
The Sound of Another Voice (2:31)
Portraits On Dark Grey Walls (2:59)
Return to Earth  (7:26)

Instruments featured include Korg Minilogue XD,  Mutable Plaits, DSI Rev2, King Korg, Dreadbox Nyx, Abyss and Medusa, Moog Grandmother.  The last four listed have all been sold to buy a Moog Matriarch which comes tomorrow (7th October 2019)!!
A lot of songs were finished in mid-2019,
about 30 in total,
and after some wrangling,
were separated into two albums -

Return to Earth