A Song For Each Day (Scotland 6-20 July 2013)
Every day of this holiday was ended by a bout of diary, then song writing.  In the months following, each day's lyric was worked up into a song.  This kept the holiday fresh in mind for a long time afterwards and each song has come to characterise each day to the point that the "song memory" is perhaps more potent and real than the days themselves.  Normally track order is hard to determine, this time it was easy, every song is in date order.

1. A Day Like Today
2. Tyndrum Hum
3. Perfect
4. Nowhere In A Hurry
5. Sgurr Nan Gillean
6. Chasing A Dragonfly
7. Rest and Respite
8. Road With No End
9. One Day In Strath More
10. Northern Sea
11. Folly
12. Physicality
13. Rising And Falling
14. Layers
15. South To Tyndrum

A Song For Each Day
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