Still At The Water's Edge (2015-16)

1. Across Gairloch Bay
2. Saturn's Rings
3. The Green Edge of Life
4. Petrichor
5. Etched in Stone
6. Stood By The Sea
7. Archaeologists
8. Yesterday's River Floods
9. Ten Minutes Dead
10. The Sinking

Many songs have a watery element and I have brought together some of them here.

"Archaeologists" is a bit of a red herring, and is not at all about water but somehow it needs to be near to "Petrichor".

"Ten Minutes Dead" likewise, but the persistent use of the word "washed" was enough to keep it here.

Most of the songs are about personal watery experiences, but some are completely 'other'.
 "The Sinking" is about the Titanic, and "Petrichor" is about terrible drought, and the despairing lust for water.

What, then, is
"Ten Minutes Dead" about?