Timely Interventions (2019)

The Convalescent (9:54)                        

The Hills on the Horizon (10:46)                           

Beating Heart (4:06)                          

Timely Interventions (17:29)                           

Imaginary Demons (8:05)                           

A collection of fragments in the manner of Futures (2013) and All The People I've Ever Known (2014-19).

I may have no place to say this, but this stuff is bloody good!

Instruments featured include Korg Minilogue XD, 
Mutable Plaits, DSI Rev2, King Korg, Dreadbox Nyx, Abyss and Medusa, Moog Grandmother.  The last four listed have all been sold to buy a Moog Matriarch which comes tomorrow (7th October 2019)!!