Years (2018-19)

A Year Ago (4:36)                         

A lot of songs were finished in mid-2019, about 30 in total, and after some wrangling, were separated into two albums - Years and Return to Earth.

Instruments featured include Korg Minilogue XD, Mutable Plaits, DSI Rev2, King Korg, Dreadbox Nyx, Abyss and Medusa, Moog Grandmother.  The last four listed have all been sold to buy a Moog Matriarch which comes tomorrow (7th October 2019)!!

Two Worlds (4:37)
Days of Sadness (6:36)
Sometimes the Light Streams Through (5:14)
Rotation (4:54)
The Good Things and the Bad Things (4:39)
An End to Endings (4:21)
Time Waste Away (2:59)
Universe Shifts Sideways (3:57)
This Is My Family (5:56)
Years (written in 2018) (4:11)