A Reasonably Complete Archive Of Songs By Daniel Paulo from 1986 to the Present Day

2013 - more synths come and go, new arrivals include: Korg Z1, Casiotone 1000p, Yamaha MK100, Studiologic Sledge. It has been hard to follow "Songs From The Edge..." but there are a few good songs, more failed attempts at compiling an album, so again many of these tracks will be on the Other Songs pages.

Night In Day


A Tree Falls In The Forest

Second Sight

Slip Through The Cracks

The World Turned White Again

Cesare's Song

The Distance Between Us And The Sea

The Overwhelming Flame

This Is The Right Number

Summer Always Comes



Like Me



2012 - another creative high with "Songs From The Edge Of The Fading Ocean" - at first a double, even a triple, album, but eventually concentrated into a single album. Here saw the introduction of hardware after years of using VSTs and a trusty Burns guitar. Synths included: Korg DW8000, Korg Poly800, Waldorf Blofeld, Casio HT6000, Yamaha PSR36, Moog Slim Phatty, Mutable Instruments Anushri.  These songs are listed alphabetically as somehow the numbering was not used this time, possibly because so many of the songs took so long to finish.

A Moment In Time

Absolute Zero

Another Image Taken From A Dream

Bachloops (Broken Land)


Confess Yourself (To The Stars)

Countless Parallel Universes



Dark Matter


Extinction No


Faces and Bodies

Fragile and Delicate


I Dream Of Dying Stars



Mighty Fallen

No Sign Of Life

Our Perfect Minds

Man Suddenly Sees To The Edge Of The Universe





Scott's Song

Song To Proxima Centauri

The Land Was Broken

The Lions and the Tigers

To Immortality

To The End

Turning Away From Science And God


Voice of Renewal

2011 - some very good songs, but attempts at putting them together to an album didn't succeed.  Many of these songs feature on the Other Songs pages.

As The Crow Flies

Cold Steel In The Darkness

Days Like These


Drivin Bass

Everyone Is Waiting


Half an Hour After Sunset

Heaven Forfeit

Is This It?

Piano Flute fragment

The First Time

The Frozen River

The North Wind

The Slightest Sound

Thinking of Tomorrow

This Romance is Over

Way Inside


Your Heart Stopped

2010 - the cure for the last lull was to try something different, an album produced from one, quite limited, instrument, the Casio MT400v, the result was "Forever And A Day".

Black and White In A World Of Greyness

Little Noises

These Eyes Will Close

Twice Through Red



You Have No Wings


2009 -  less prolific, but a new high with the release of "This Is The Promised Land", again followed by a lull - how to follow that?
The Edge Of The Fog

Notes To Self

Acceptance Speech


Shades Of Grey

One Syllable


Watching Numbers

A Way To The Edge

Everyone's Got A Plan

Releasing Toxins

Hoping For Change

Laughing At Nothing

No Colours


Living in Total Darkness

People Are All The Same


Useful fragment


The Good People Of The World

Dog On The Road

You Don't Exist

The Allure Of Living

Love Tolerance

Road Grime

Well Adjusted

2008 - a second album release "Galaxies", then a third - "These Beautiful Days" - a creative high, followed by a lull as it proved hard to follow... "12 Angels" was the answer: a sideways step written and recorded very quickly and possibly the best thing I've made to date.
So The Stars Can Shine


My Machine



Apocalypse (or Obscurity)

Subatomic Particles

The Disappearance



Cool Lazy Blue

Pearlescent and Iridescent

For This Moment

Four Eclipses

Searchers Stopped Searching

Disembodied Voices

Turning Turning

We Will Find A Way Through

Forget It

The Journey


Your Nothing

Believe Song

So He Created The Mountains


Nothing To Crow About

Remember To Forget

Half Lives

We Need Harmony


The Maddening

Speak, Then Walk Away


Feeling Forgotten

Let It Go

The Dreamer

All Things For Good


Yellow Star Kachina

da Song

She Flies Over The Earth

Moving Outward From The Centre

One Short Minute

The Flower Of Our Souls

Candle Flame's Flickering

Above Physical Passions

The Turning Of The Globe

The Guardian

The Shadow of Her Wings

A Gentle Bell

To Deny The Inevitable

She Is Waiting


2007 - a very prolific year, with lots of experimenting with the possibilities of Renoise and eventually culminating with the first new release "Something Will"
Summer Rain


One Thing

Only They Who Do Not Drive Will Inherit The Earth


Come Back



The Weight Of This Place



Err Ba Ti Go


Following U



Centre Of The Earth

An Interlude


Squashy Voice

Piece for Guitar

Mostly Sane Part 20




Sweet Songs

Life Experience

Chasing The Sun

(Don't) Swerve

Carbon Dixoide Room


Enough Water





You Keep Going Back

so So

Run Away

Something Will

The Beginning Is The End

Return to Silence

Kill Tomorrow


Eye Contact

The Leonids Fall

Burning Out In The Cold


Rising Sound

2006 - a full-on return to music, sparked off by a chance encounter with a Korg MicroPreset. At first recording was done on a Tascam digital 8 track, then using Renoise, VSTs and a Burns guitar.


Ghostly thingy

Returning Home To The Sea

It First Landed In The Spring Of This Year


Chosen Souls


Always Always



Sounds Inside My Head


2003 - a tentative re-start at music, and a first encounter with computer music, using Dream Station and a few samples. These pieces were mostly untitled.













1990-1995 songs produced on a Teczon, the Tascam 4 Track,

153 Nature and Me

154 Majic (with Richard Westerman)

155 In The Stars

156 Another Winter Of My Heart

157 Going Away

158 To Vanessa

159 Song to a Pine Tree

160 Vanessa

161 After the Rain

162 Goodbye

163 Hope

164 Fate

165 Evening Sun

166 Communication

167 Bella

168 New Perfection

169 Give Me Back That Place

170 Song to a God

171 Promise of You

172 Love and You and I (Go Hand In Hand)

173 Never Die

174 Northern Nights, Southern Nights

175 How Could I Doubt You?

176 In The Distance

177 Breath Of The World

178 Let Me Lead You By The Hand

179 Separation

180 We Stick Together

181 You Give Me Heaven

182 For Salvation

183 A Place That Must Be Heaven

184 Countries By The Sea

185 Butterfly

186 Within The Sound of Water

187 The Blue

188 People Like Us

189 The Morning

190 Distant Cousin

Our Time

Within My Soul


Lover Of The Land


Hiding In The Last Tree

Your Return

If Only I Could Be With You



Flying Bird Smile

Soon The Summer Ends

Torn Away





Swirling Sand

Our Spirits Mend

One Last Song


Like Today

The Sea

Closer To Heaven

We Become The Earth

Hearts Are Lost

The Smell of Dent In May

Tradition Of The Sky

Our Love Is Sacred

Dreaming On A Sunday Afternoon

Of Foreign Shores

Buried Treasures

The Hill Of Ingleborough

Heron Song

Another You?



One Day

My Friend


Star Song


Divine Reflections

Different Day


Guardian Angel

Selling A Dream




In Yorkshire


Days of Yore

River Valley (first song with Tascam 4 Track)

Paradise Is A State Of Mind



Dreams, Hope, Change

Follow Me


Expecting Silence

An Ending

Another Day In The Mountains

Looking Inside

Will Be Time





1986-1989 (as IMP)
001 Fading Air

002 Rota For Motor

003 There's A Nasty Smell on North Street

004 The Grey Skyship

005 April Showers in August

006 Alone

007 Living in the Shadow of a Certain Life

008 1991

009  Insanity

010 Introduction

011 Fighter In the War

012 Make Way For The Pigeons

013 Who Cares About the Eighties?

014 Bala Lake

015 I Want You

016 Daisy

017 Mother Earth

018 Sunset Dawn

019 The Last Song

020 It's Christmas

021 Watching The Sunrise

022 A Bad Dream

023 Evening Moon

024 Spiritual Transmissions

025 Pictures of John

026 Lies

027 I Can't See The Stars

028 Go With The Statues

029 Meditation

030 Jagged Edge

031 The Lurch

032 The Dance

033 Rock Baby Rock

034 All The Visions

035 The Empty Room

036 Flowers and Dream

037 Come My Friend

038 Away Without Leave

039 Starman

040 Silent World

041 Knowle Mill

042 Winding Path

043 Time For An Appeal

044 Wester Ross

045 The Crimson Book

046 Survivors

047 Kick Me When I'm Down

048 Westphalia

049 Downfall of a Penny Pincher

050 Sing To Me

051 Say Goodbye; Goodbye

052 Hanging Rock

053 Aden

054 No Malace

055 Living On Borrowed Time

056 White Cross

057 The First Of The Forty Five

058 12 Hour Blues

059 Forteana

060 Lost in a Lonely Town

061 Citol De Fay

062 Shanty Town

063 Rough Justice

064 Hitchingstone

065 A Year and  a Day!

066 The Silent Scream

067 Creating Our Lives

068 The Rise and Shine of Life in General

069 Small Print

070 Second Death

071 The Bus Song

072 Downstream

073 Among The Stars Of Heaven

074 Change The World

075 Playing For Time

076 Redivider

077 The Old Straight Track

078 Once Lost

079 Miserable Day

080 Waves

081 The Next Plane Home

082 This Can't Be Love

083 Far Across The Sea

084 Walking Up The Incline Of Highfield Lane

085 The Light

086 Remain In Light

087 Whispering Knights

088 Lazy Afternoons

089 Pharaohs

090 The Slow Motion Man

091 Dark Becomes Light (In the Land of the Hopeless Pleasures)

092 Silver

093 Keep Me In Mind

094 Down The Alamo

095 Nazca

096 Sorry For Your Children

097 Around in Circles

098 Nazca (the Plains of Time)

099 Mauna Kea

100 On The Beach

101 No Rain Need Fall (Down My Window Again)

102 Wait For Me


103 SpringTime

104 Impossible Dreams

105 Let There Be Peace In Mozambique

106 Red

107 Bottles Washed Up On The Shore

108 Halcyon Days

109 Partisan

110 Homeward

111 All That's Left

112 Big Head

113 Indecision (first song with Teczon 4 Track)

114 Christine

115 Bus Stop

116 Swingin' Society

117 The East Coast

118 Not Coming Home

119 Mary Beth

120 Treason

121 Watching The Stars

122 Day-to-Day

123 Could Be In Love

124 Only Wondered

125 In Autumn Shade

126 In The Winter

127 The Summer Of Our Lives

128 Green and Pleasant Land

129 Starry Night, Stormy Night

130 Alaise

131 I Can't Fail Me Again

132 Verity

133 The Sower

134 Hello And Welcome To Better Days

135 It Happens To Us All

136 On A Future Day

137 On The Other Side Of The World

138 Whispering Fields

139 Paracase

140 It's Raining

141 Self Portrait

142 Afternoon in the Wood

143 Twilight Of My Life

144 Nineteen Years

145 I Don't Recognise You

146 Memories (From Far Across The Sea)

147 Sedbergh

148 Feeling Alive

149 Sunrise

150 A Village Far Away

151 Blue Horses

152 Perfection



1985 (as The End of Eternity) bouncing between cassette tapes, Korg MicroPreset, Stix drum machine, Casio VLTone