Last Voice  (2016-17)

1. The Last Day On Earth
An image came to me of a dome floating in space, contained within was Ingleborough. 
From this thought  grew an idea, undoubtedly self-indulgent, but what the hell...
I became the 'keeper' for the mountain in the bubble, given eternal life as long as I stayed inside the glass.
Alas both it, and myself, were the last remaining scraps of what was planet Earth.
The narrative of these songs covers a very long time - many thousands, perhaps millions of years.

I wanted to use lots of real world sounds to make this music, as well as ancient synthesizers and drum machines.  Yamaha SK20,Elektronkia EM25 and simple analogue synths (Moog Mother 32, Yamaha CS15) provided most of the sonics.

2. The Mountain And It's Keeper
3. Sacred Cows
4.Airlock I
5. Pre Telescope

6. Telescope On Moughton
7. A Walk Across The Limestone Pavement
8. Cave Breath
9. The Paraglider

10. Airlock II : Spacewalk
11. Airlock III
12. Amanuensis