Here are some downloadable links to software written by Daniel Paulo, all are free to use.

On all links, right click and "Save Link As"

Templates for the Kenton Control Freak Studio Edition:

Lua files for controlling the below synthesizers via CCs or Sysex within Renoise, using an excellent tool called Guru which allows you to create GUIs for that very purpose.  Then patches can be saved within Renoise.
Firstly, download Renoise, it is a brilliant tracker-type daw, the one which I create all my music on.
Then download Guru, drag it into Renoise to install.
Then copy the scripts below into Guru's Scripts/Tools/Guru/Synth Definitions folder.
Re-open Guru, or rescan synth definitions.

Of the above listed I only now own the Sledge so I'm afraid I cannot advise very well if these scripts do not work!  Guru is very easy to use, there are quite a few other synth definitions available and new ones can be written from scratch with virtually no coding knowledge required.