Time Machines or: A Whole New Life of Mistakes (2016)

1. 1899
2. Take Me Back
3. Entropy
4. Telephone
5. Reversal
6. Nan's Song
7. Aeons
8. Life Story In A Sentence
9. Time Machines
10. Little Mistakes
11. Switch Off

So many songs about time!
Not all of them are here either. 
The subject keeps coming back to me constantly.

There is movement forwards, but mostly backwards in time in most of these songs, a fragment of a dream from 2014 in which I was vividly back in 1997 for a few seconds became Nan's Song, though the lyrics written were not used.  Reversal is a wish that a brother who died before I was born could have been saved.  Telephone stems from the fear of the call that will come one day in the future (and it did come in February 2017).
originally appeared on the 'lost' album 'All The People I've Ever Known' but was too good to be left behind.
Time Machines cover